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Crash Course in Make Up By Alexa Prisco The Glam Fairy Jerseylicious TV Show JerseyThis is the place where any makeup artist in training can really develop their techniques and fuse their talent with Alexa’s methodology which will bring the artist to a completely new understanding of the raw potential and capacity that “makeup” has.

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Cosmetology school rarely goes beyond 8 hours of makeup training– this is the place where there is no cap on how much education a potential makeup artist can have. You can take as many private, semi private, or group classes as you want—and with you in the drivers seat for private lessons letting the class go in whatever direction you want and with the topic of each semi- private or group class changing weekly—you can truly let your education go in whatever direction you choose.

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Contouring, body glow, scar coverage, tattoo coverage, beauty makeup, macro makeup, tv makeup, smokey eyes, natural eyes, foundation understanding, — everything and anything that the professional makeup artist has in their arsenal of makeup knowledge—you can be an expert on!

At each MUA class the student must bring a model.

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The MUA category is offered

Private - This is a great way for you to take the time and focus in on the areas that you need to perfect your skills. You can take an unlimited amount of courses with the topic and class flow in your hands. Whether you want to watch a demo of your favorite look, work side by side with Alexa on a model, or learn the soup to nuts of

Glamology - you are in the drivers seat.

Semi-Private - This is the perfect way for you and your fellow artist, business partner, co worker, etc. to really be on the same page. You can learn and offer looks and skills that you were never able to offer to your clients before. If its conquering the art of airbrush, or learning the best ways to take on the bridal world— you and your buddy can leave your semi-private knowing how to use every tool in your kit. Just like private—in the semi private class you and your small group of MUA friends choose the road we take.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered at multiple hours to quench your thirst for glammy knowledge. You can do two hour or three hour private lessons-- these can be done once or bought in a package of two or three.

If two hours are simply not enough and you want to spend a day with Glammy picking her brain-- another great way to fill your metaphorical tool box with brush strokes, smokey eyes, portfolio images, foundation charts, and contour angles is:

The Crash CourseThe Glam Fairy Make Up School New Jersey

The crash course is offered to makeup artist's that would like to spend anywhere from 6-10 hours with Alexa privately. During this time we will focus on whatever it is that you feel you need to work on. We can create multiple looks, focus on strategies to build your business, have your model come in classic clothing so that Alexa can take incredible images of your work for your portfolio which is sent to you the next day via Drop send-- it truly is an Al La Carte Class.

It really is a great way for a makeup artist or a makeup artist to be to get a wonderful fundamental or advanced understanding of makeup and have portfolio images that translate that very understanding. In a group class you move as fast as the slowest student. In a private lesson we can spend as much or as little time on whatever topic you choose. And you will leave with a certificate that details what you focused on, what your strengths are etc. to reel in any and all future clients.

You can take the "crash course" at your leisure. One is usually enough for most students. However a fantastic bonus of these courses is, if you take 4-5 crash course's in one year's time and have your classes parallel the courses of the Glam Academy you can get the identical certification of The Glam Academy students upon completion of the Crash Course that hits the 40 hour mark.

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