Glammypuss Hair and make Up Artistry

Glammy Puss Photo is a glamorous day that includes makeup by Alexa, or a fairy of your choice, sexy hair with elite extensions (depending on package) and photos taken by the Glam Fairy herself - Miss Alexa Prisco.

Alexa has a passion to look at the bigger picture and after years of collaborating with other photographers and throwing in her two cents about lighting, angles, model positioning etc. she finally realized that the only way she is going to get the look she wants is by doing it herself!
Through working with some of the worlds most famous photographers—Miranda Penn Turin, Timothy White, Karl Giant etc. she realized that the most integral components in photography is a ring flash.

“Its not about doing makeup and then taking pictures—its about every component of the shoot being designed so that it follows the same vision—you do the makeup understanding how it will work against light… you position the model understanding their body and what works—you create the look so that each component flatters the other—and what you are left with is an image that is a reflection not only of the best angles of a woman’s body, amazing makeup, a relevant hair style, and gorgeous lighting== but most importantly—a unified vision.”

Visit Alexa Prisco The Glam Fairy BlogPhotography, like makeup is a specific art according to Miss Glammy. Alexa's work is a reflection of her research of many different photographers, pin up painters, pin up photography, lighting and photo logistics fused her elemental understanding of makeup.
This combination: understanding of light, shadow, and how to position the body leaves an absolutely beautiful picture that clearly represents the female form in all of its fabulousness.

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