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The Glam Academy is a program that simultaneously builds and fuses both the makeup artist and the entrepreneur. With this unique combination, the focused and applied student will leave the program with all of the tools necessary to build their own working business. Alexa, The Glam Fairy, prides herself on having no affiliation with the state, and goes above and beyond the state’s criteria for training makeup artists by providing more than ten times the required hours of makeup education of most state cosmetology programs. The Glam Academy certifies students based on its own stringent criteria, which undoubtedly surpasses the state’s requirements.

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Motivation, Design, and Preservation:
A note from owner Alexa Prisco

“I designed the Glam Academy out of sheer necessity. There are thousands of makeup schools that build you from an artistic standpoint, but give you no tools on how to apply your artistry in the real world. I wanted to create a place, an arsenal of information, a one-stop shop for everything I wish I had when I started my business. Everything I learned, I learned the hard way. I had to do endless bridal shows to know which ones worked and which ones didn’t. I had to have enough brides cancel on me to learn that I needed contracts. I had taught myself things out of necessity—Photoshop, C-Panel, legal contract writing, operating a ring flash, organic SEO—these were things I couldn’t afford to outsource. I knew that the more skills I learned, the less I had to pay someone else for their “expertise.” My teaching is based on a refined formula for success that could only be derived after hitting a decade’s worth of roadblocks, hurdles, and challenges. I give to my students both that very formula and a program which serves as a resource for something I only wish was available to me when I started my business.

The Glam Academy is a place where I build strong, relevant artists—artists that have an understanding of what they’re up against in a world of technology ready to challenge every detail of their work. What is the value of spending hours upon hours training an artist and not giving them any tools to find a place to apply that artistry?

I want my students to reach beyond their goals. I want my students to break through and surpass their own expectations. That is why I give my students the tools to grown not only as an artist, but also as an entrepreneur. Through a variety of homework assignments that require the student to become visible as independent makeup artists--they slowly develop sturdy roots to what could possibly become a strong business. I say ‘possibly,’ as the tools I teach are subject to the students’ motivation and drive.

Being a makeup artist doesn’t require a substantial loan from your uncle who will make your place look “just like the Glam Factory.” It requires makeup and a chair. I show students just how imperative their own integrity is and that the most valuable tools are free. I give my students small logical steps. If these steps are applied and honed consistently, my students can and will leave the Glam Academy with a burgeoning business.

I am extremely selective with the levels of certification a student leaves the Academy with, as the only way I can make sure I preserve the integrity of my own brand is by making sure that the premiere level of certification is reserved for those who have truly understood just how powerful the combination of tools I have given them is—and have accordingly applied them.

With that, The Glam Academy is an incredible opportunity for someone who loves makeup and wants to control their salary to truly take control of their destiny. Every moment of the program is a moment to learn. Every piece of knowledge I give is a device to possibly save years of doing something the wrong way. The attentive, focused student that craves knowledge and the ability to change their future will succeed. The student that gives more merit in a moment’s time to their boyfriend’s text over my words will naturally be less successful. "

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About The Glam Academy

The Academy begins by changing the way the students see makeup through an engaging and thought-provoking classroom environment. Sprinkled with activities to introduce the student to their own capacity as an individual, these crucial exercises will change the lens through which the student views both makeup and its impact on their lives.

With newfound knowledge, students will begin a series of Labs. During the Labs, The Academy will bring in a variety of models** so that students have new, fresh faces to work on each time. Not only does this keep the time in the classroom concentrated, but gives an incredible amount of variety to the student’s portfolio. Each lab is different and is based on a particular look or focus for the day. The look is typically demonstrated earlier in the day by Alexa during a “Demo” (in which Alexa demonstrates a complete look on a model). This demonstration allows students to have a roadmap for the day, as well as have an idea for what their own finished product should look like.

**The models that participate in The Academy Labs are given advanced direction pertaining to their hair and wardrobe in order to create consistency for both the Lab itself and for the students.

For every Lab, the look is photographed personally by Alexa with the same lighting equipment used for magazine covers. This raises the bar of the students’ portfolio from their very first Lab.

By having each Lab photographed, students not only have incredible images for their portfolio, but can truly see the development of their work throughout the Course.

As students immerse themselves in the world of makeup, they are also slowly being introduced to a variety of tools to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
In addition to Labs and photo sessions, many of The Glam Academy steps are given as homework assignments. This way, the work required of the individual is not left at the Academy and requires them to continually work both on their artistry and their business.

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Course Levels and Logistics

Students are able to take the Basic Course alone, or they can take the Basic and Senior Course. Students may not take the Senior Course without first completing the Basic Course. Although students may feel as though they are versed on all of the Basic topics, Alexa and The Glam Academy must ensure all students are operating with the same bank of general knowledge.

Basic Course: 40 hours

The basic course is well beyond “basic” and although it is seemingly short, it has a tremendous impact on the students. Through a combination of artistic and business skill sets—both the student who knows nothing about makeup and the makeup artist looking to refine their skills are equally educated. In this portion of the program—we change the way people see makeup. It is through this now broken filter that the individual can see various techniques and tools as a skeleton and template to apply endless versions and combinations. More info on Basic Certification...

Senior Course: 90 total hours (40 hours Basic Course plus 50 hours Senior Course)

The senior level is for students that have gone through all of the fundamentals’, but want to go the extra mile. This student truly wants to enhance their portfolio with images that show a wide range of work and their ability to cater to a variety of clients and needs. With both basic and senior-- the student is given work well beyond their time at the program to build their artistry and business. It is through these small collective steps that the student eventually has their own working business. From celebrity guest speakers, to field trips, to specialized skill sets, to endless surprises that literally floor our students—we are confident that the student that applies themselves will leave this program with a confidence that they surpasses their initial expectations. More info on Senior Certification...

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Inside the Glam Academy



The Glam Academy is a program in which students are not only certified on artistic ability, but their collective understanding of what it takes to be an independent makeup artist in today’s society. The Glam Academy gives students the shortcuts and the keys to success. Through coursework and various homework assignments, photo shoots and activities, Alexa can gain a true understanding as to whether the student understands what it takes to truly exceed in the industry of makeup artistry.

“The only way I figured out what works as a business owner is by figuring out what definitely doesn’t work. I learned all of these things the hard way and over a period of 11 years. The Glam Academy is a place where I give the students my formula for success—my shortcuts. With this the student can fast forward to both a place and an overall understanding of how to run a business in a smart efficient way. And even better—they save themselves a decade!” Alexa Prisco

Artistic talent is not the only measure of The Glam Academy students. The Glam Academy will evaluate a student’s comprehensive understanding of all facets necessary to be a business owner, and the sensitive balance between entrepreneurism and artistry. The Glam Academy levels of certification are a reflection of that understanding.

After completing the Academy, the students present Alexa with a binder, which is carefully reviewed. This binder is a compilation of homework assignments, photo shoots, and creative, thought- provoking activities. The binder presentation is a way for Alexa and The Glam Academy instructors to evaluate the students on all of the criteria that Alexa believes are necessary for a makeup artist to pave their way independently. The binder is simply an overview of the students’ work and one of the many criteria on which we base the certification.

The certification level has been selected based on following overall criteria:

  • Progression of Technique

  • Punctuality

  • Attentiveness in all environments

  • Applying the learned methodologies

  • Homework assignmentsCleaning your space and any other relevant areas

  • Sticking to the “look” or prescribed Lab activity

  • Team work/ leadership

  • Behavior in both Labs and Shoots (i.e., students being engaged during shoots)

  • The student’s binder

  • Any shoots the student has completed.

  • The students’ ability to demonstrate their understanding of all of the components necessary to be a makeup artist and an entrepreneur.

    To meet the criteria of any certification level, the student must complete ALL of the following:

  • All classes are attended.

  • Submission of all homework assignments.

  • Participation in activities and Labs during the Course.

  • All major projects outside of the Academy are completed.

  • A submitted binder.

  • TFP shoot is completed and submitted.

Note: In all of the above criteria, the most important quality is balance. A student can be extremely organized, efficient, and punctual, but may need to work on particular aspects of their artistry. On the other end, a student could be extremely talented and not apply themselves in any capacity for anything outside of the artistic requirements.

Every student is made aware of the criteria for certification throughout the Course.

The details and criteria for certification are discussed in detail below. The levels are generalized, and not every single criterion is applicable to each individual student.

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Three Levels of Certification


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The Glam Academy Dates

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