Come get all glammed up at the Gatsby!

Hey Guys!

This sunday I will be at the Gatsby performing make-overs. Get ready to get all glammed up!

Call the Gatsby at 732.752.4247 and ask to make your appt with Alexa, The Glam Fairy on Sunday!

Can’t wait to meet all of you!


Glammy (5962)

4 thoughts on “Come get all glammed up at the Gatsby!

  1. Hello Glammy! Just wanted to say I love you on Jerseylicious and I am new to the show. I flipped through the channels and just happened to come across it and love this show!! I am from Arkansas and have been doing make-up forever it seems on friends/family and some strangers as well. I am trying to get my own business started and was wondering if you had any tips for me. Smokey eye is my trademark as well.I have an airbrush make-up system and tons of other products as well (really cool business cards). I have even offered my services free of charge to my daughters competitive dance team. It seems I do a lot of “pro-bono” deals and need some tips on how to charge for my services. I did do my first paying job (wedding), but all of my friends love my free services. If you have any advice for me, I would love for you to email me with it (if you could find the time and help a sister wanna be glam fairy out). Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you!!


  2. Hi Olivia, my name is Ruby and I live on the Gold Coast in Australia and I watch all your episodes with my Mum and Dad and we love you …. and we don’t like Tracey either … and we are glad you didn’t get a boob job because you are gorgeous.

    Even though I am only 12 years of age, my Mum and I will come for a makeover if I ever get to New Jersey.

    Gold Coast Australia

  3. hi gatsby i watch yr show and im a huge fan of it i was wondering if you guys could fly to south africa im sure people will be intrested! if you consider it the people i would to fly down is Olivia,Alexa,Gigi and Gayle! Love you guys by!!!!!!!

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