Give the Gift of Glam!!!

So it’s Dec. 4th and we all know that your pulling out a piece of notebook paper writing down each family’s and friend’s name brainstorming the perfect gifts to put next to each person.  Well your brainstorming can come to a hault because The Glam Fairy can provide the most memorable wonderful Glammy experience for your loved one’s.

Here are some of my favorite Glammy gifts!

1. Special occasion makeup and hair with either Alexa or the fairy of your choice– lashes, airbrush, extensions– the gift can be customized to whatever you like.

2. A Glammy Puss Photoshoot– ever wondered what you girlfriend looked like head to toe in leather with a mane of hair blowing in the wind and 7 inch stiletto heels?  Than look no further.  Your fantasy can become a reality with just a little fairy dust.  Buy your special someone any of our photo shoot packages and let them unleash their inner glamazon for the holiday season!  In addition– to add an even bigger bow to the glammy puss photoshoot gift turn any of the photo’s into a painting!  Famous artist Betsy Brown is now turning any of your favorite Glammy Puss Photoshoot Pics into any insanely glamorous portrait!!  See GP Portraits under Glammy Puss Photo for more details!

3. We have tons of classes!!  All taught by The Glam Fairy herself!!  Book a private lesson with Alexa for either 2 or three hours– book two or three classes– the choice is yours.  Book a semi private for a group of girls that you know would have a blast!  Everything is custom designed to your needs!

4.  THE ULTIMATE GIFT!!!  The Glam Academy!!  You can book the makeup artist to be a seat at either our basic or senior class and TRULY give the gift of glam!  Not many people can say that their christmas present was being turned into a makeup artist by Alexa Prisco personally!!!

We will create the perfect gift certificate that details every specification you want for that special someone!  

Order your gift card in the next three days and we will take 10% off of your order.  Give the gift of “The Glam Academy” and take 20% off of the basic certification and 25% off of the senior certification.  

This is a THREE DAY ONLY Promotion.  Hugs and Kisses!!



14 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Glam!!!

  1. Hello I want to know how can I make an appt to come in or a make over I am 34yr mom of 2 re entry went for weight loss surgery and have lost 70lbs.i need a knew look and don’t know we’re or how to start never really been a girly girl so it’s really stressful please help.thank you hope to hear from you.

  2. Ms.Glam Fairy :)
    I love your style and your attitude, I also love how you don’t let no one get in the way of your goals and achievements in your life, and how you started your career so young to get where you are now, that is so amazing. You are a make up inspiration to a lot of women and girls around the world. Wish we had someone like you down here in Alberta to teach half the girls down here how to do actual make up :D Keep it up Glam Fairy.
    Meagan From Red Deer, Alberta

  3. Alexa!!! Please, please, please do an episode or a you tube video of how you cut your bangs! I love them & have been to atleast 4 stylists & shown them pics of your bangs & no one can get them right. I am begging please…

  4. Alexa, you are so talented!!! You have a great Team, I watch your show all the time!!! You should take your team and expand out here to San Diego!! I would Love to work. With you and your creative ,excellent team!!

  5. Alexa omg I have been watching your show since Jerseylicous and now the glam fairy!!! It’s Incredible what you can do not only do u make woman look beautiful u make them feel beautiful too. That is what every woman needs. You may not remember but I spent a day with you in New York City and it was tons of fun and my make up looke amazing! Thanks Alexa your Amazing!

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