"IS a bella" by Morgan Heisler

Hello everyone! My name is Morgan Heisler. I’m 19 years old and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m here to share with you my journey through makeup artistry. I’ll tell you about before, during, and my amazing transformation after.


Before the Glam Academy:

As a recent high school graduate, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I decided the absolute last day I could on which college I was going to attend for the Fall 2013 Semester. I selected La Salle University, which was a more local choice. I enrolled as a Communications major hoping to excel in the Journalism field. On my first day during orientation, I couldn’t help but research schools that applied just for makeup. I’ve always had a big makeup collection and interest in learning more about it. I found myself trying new styles and practicing on my friends. Then, when I started to get a little better at it, my friends started asking me to their makeup for everyday and for special nights out. Makeup had always been a passion of mine, but I never thought that I’d be so hooked on the idea of becoming a makeup artist. I found the Glam Academy as one of the schools and it quickly grabbed my attention. I found myself so interested in the courses and learning from Alexi herself. I ended up withdrawing from La Salle University immediately after my orientation. The next thing I did was emailed the Glam Academy and reserved my spot as a student in the Semester 5 Class.


During the Glam Academy:

My first day of the Glam Academy really assured me that I made the right decision with following my dream as a makeup artist. Although I was nervous about my first day for being one of the youngest students, I felt comfortable within minutes. Since I graduated from both the basic and senior program, I learned things that I didn’t even know were common knowledge for makeup. Did you know that foundation has an oxidation pattern and that’s what determines how the color appears on the skin? I sure didn’t until I attended the Glam Academy! I was so fascinated by all of the information I was gaining just within my first hours. After you learn literally all there is to know about makeup, you jump right into hands on work. The whole environment of the Glam Academy really makes you feel like your exceling in your makeup skills and business. You learn different looks, how lighting affects the picture, how to fix makeup after you already applied it—literally everything. Then, you also learn how to run your own business. You skip over the counter girl at a makeup stand or working at a salon step, and branch off as your own individual. Alexa not only gave me knowledge and wonderful skills, but she gave me the confidence and motivation that I needed in order to realize that I could do this by myself. She made me see that I don’t need to work for someone else to become successful in this industry. Everything that I want to accomplish is now at my fingertips because of the help and guidance of Alexa.


After the Glam Academy:

Since I’ve graduated from the Glam Academy about 6 months ago, I am on a whole new level of success. I am now 19 years old and booking more clients than I imagined. I have booked over 20 girls from all different high schools in my area for the 2014 Prom Season, I’ve been planning a summer shoot for this upcoming August, and I’ve had requests about weddings and other special occasions as well. At such a young age, I never thought I’d be doing so well financially as a makeup artist and starting my own business. My brand name is IS a bella translating to “is a beauty,” and so far I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. When working with a client, my main goal is to have her feel beautiful and confident after leaving my chair. That’s why I’ve selected that specific brand name. I’ve gained so many clients and many others with much interest in having me do their makeup or even working with me. Since I earlier mentioned that school was a big part of my life, I made the decision to go back for my degree. I enrolled in a Community College as a Communication major again to try and tie my love for writing in, with my love for makeup. I also plan to go back to the Glam Academy this summer to take the Master’s course that is now offered to senior graduates.  As I finish up writing my journey for you, I am currently preparing for a trial I have for a prom this upcoming weekend. I couldn’t be happier with where I am in my life and how much success I’ve had in the last 6 months. Alexa really has helped me transform my whole future into something with so much more than potential. If it weren’t for the Glam Academy, my makeup career would be non-existent. I can’t wait to see where the rest of my years as a makeup artist will take me! I hope that you all enjoyed my story and that you will continue to follow up with me, and the rest of the alumni from the Glam Academy.

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