A special thanks– Bella Ro Hoboken

Hey guys! These past few months have been absolutely back to back. Between running my actual company and filming overwhelming is an understatement. Woo Saa but still nothing changes early call times, late wraps, and six weddings in between. But there is so much to be said for a smile. There is so much to be said for knowing who I am, and what I am. Am I human? Yes. Words are weapons and with research and credit have merit behind their attacks. However the words I encounter daily are uneducated, harsh, but ultimately make me buzz worthy– so in the end its like being a really interesting painting. You may not necessarily get me… and you can you have own interpretation but I am just glad your looking.

Speaking of looking I want to thank my FABULOUS friends at Bella Ro — Its a boutique on washington in hoboken NJ. They have clothes at the most amazing price point! 40 bucks for an amazing dress? Seriously? I am in love! Vanessa the owner and Christina her sales rep and amazing stylist bring customer service to a new level. I had such a great time today and I cant wait to go back. Go check them out now on facebook and twitter to see what all the buzz is about http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1044910592&ref=ts They are a little slow with the updates so its probably best if you just all take your cute butts into the store on Washington in Hoboken like TOMORROW.  You can get like three dress for under 100 bucks and still have room for a pair of earrings.  amazing quality gorgeous stuff that i love to wear!  Thank you Vanessa.

More glammy recs to come just thought i would share about my day.

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4 thoughts on “A special thanks– Bella Ro Hoboken

  1. I love make-up, I’m not in the industry, just not my talent. I just had to send you a quick note to let you know I’m a big fan! It’s hard to ‘get’ anyone for a few minutes on a show, but throughout the show we see more of your fabulous work and a glimpse of who Alexa is, and you are a very strong, educated, independent woman. I think you’re beautiful inside and out, and a great role model especially for aspiring make-up artists. I have to tell you I love love MAC (have for years) and I was thrilled to read you primarly use it. Anything you suggest I’m usually looking into it, looking it up, or going to go purchase. Even when you talk about your favorite places to visit, food, boutiques… makes me want to go visit New Jersey (and back to NY) to check out what you’re talking about because I think I would probably appreciate it as well. wishing you continued success and only the best!! much love from Chicago

    last note -

  2. i did a search after this sundays show, your site didn’t come up when i searched the best makeup artist ever, glam…nor when I searched make up artist glamorous or vice versa,,,,strange!! it came up when I searched glam fairy

  3. Hi, Alexa! I watch the show every week, & look foward to the next one! I’m looking foward to the opening of your Glam Fairy studio in Hoboken. I will be sure to stop in when I get the chance! Good luck with everything!!!

  4. glam fairy! im from florida and i was in hoboken today and saw you in your car at the corner on washington!

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