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An experience can’t be wrapped. And while there is something beyond magical about opening a new handbag or gloves– the excitation in the moment is just that– momentary.  We offer gift certificates for a range of services designed to create an experience!  From special occasion makeup to a Glammy Puss Photoshoot, to the gift of The Glam Academy– dropping your loved one at The Glam Factory for a day of Glam filled fun with Alexa is something that will truly never be forgotten.

Special Occasion Makeup: Give you loved one a special occasion makeup application where they can come to The Glam Factory and get just makeup or makeup and hair for a night on the town!

Private Makeup Lesson: Let your loved one put that perfectly organized makeup collection to good use!  A private makeup lesson is offered at two levels:

Categories of Students:

  • “Glam-me” the girl that wants to learn how to perfect her own daily routine or master the smokey eye!
  • “MUA” (MakeUp Artist) this is the lesson is tailored to where the artist is and where they want to be– with a fusion of education designed to change the filter through which the individual understands makeup and a hands on lab where the student works on a model to perfect these skill sets– this is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

2-3 hour Private Lesson–

    • For the “Glam-me” these lessons are a combination of education and hands on activities.  With two mirrors and a table filled with makeup– the student and Alexa sit across from each other, face to face, where the student actually “mirrors” each step of whatever look the want to achieve (smokey, every day, natural etc.) until a full perfected face is applied.
    • For the “MUA” these lessons are tailored to the students artistic needs.  Using there strengths and weakness’s as a framework for the Itinerary– we develop looks designed to strengthen those techniques that need work.  With a lab where the student works on a model creating a comprehensive look that tests and perfects a variety of techniques– any artist at any level will leave with a new sense of confidence in their artistry.

Multiple Private Lessons:

We have packages available to those who crave more than just one lesson:

    • 2– two hour private lessons
    • 2– three hour private lessons

For more info on Private lessons please visit our Classes section:

Crash Courses: The crash course is offered to makeup artist’s that would like to spend anywhere from 6-10 hours with Alexa privately. During this time we will focus on where the artist is currently and the corresponding skill sets that will develop their technique, building true confidence in their ability to create a comprehensive look.

The Crash Course is the perfect outlet for either the aspiring makeup artist, or the makeup artist looking to freshen up their technique, to have an intense, hands on, lab oriented, private session with Alexa. Based on the hour amount of the crash course and the overall speed of the student, we pack in a variety of activities designed to change the way the individual understands both makeup and its ability to transform a client. In any crash course one will find themselves immersed in a variety of the below activities:

  • Education based on understanding makeup through color, shadow, light, product development, production intention etc.
  • Kit Building– Learning the “must haves” for any artist and building your kit for speed.
  • Chemical Recognition– Learning how to identify particular chemical bases in products.
  • Labs– The student applies the education by creating a look designed to strengthen those skill sets that the particular student identifies as weakness’s.
  • Photoshoot for Portfolio: Alexa does a photoshoot of the model– giving the student not only images for their portfolio but a true understanding of how their work translates on camera. With this understanding, the student can tailor their technique to meet the needs of modern technology.
  • Multiple Looks– Based on the amount of time booked and the overall speed of the student– we can book two models, allowing the student to develop two looks, and therefore have two images for their portfolio.

 Multiple Crash Courses can be booked. If the curriculum parallels that of The Glam Academy– the student can be certified if they meet 40 hours privately.  A Certificate of Completion is distributed to anyone booking over 8 hours AFTER submitting homework assignments designed to perfect particular skill sets.

For more info on Crash Courses please visit:

Glammy Puss Photoshoot: This is truly the “Gift of Glam” with a variety of pampering packages– this is the gift for that special someone who needs to truly see just how gorgeous they are.  Our packages include a variety of the following:

  • Makeup by Alexa
  • Hair Styling
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Body Glow
  • Up to 4 comprehensive styled looks

Please see our packages for more info

Glam Academy: For the loved one that has always wanted to be an artist but doesn’t know where to start, this is a life changing gift.  Our Academy is offered at 40 and 90 hours– designed to fuse the artist and the entrepreneur.  Relevant to the Makeup Artist that wants to take their artistry and business to the next level and the individual that wants to become a well rounded independent artist– this is the gift that can make someones dream of becoming a makeup artist– a very possible reality.

For more info please visit:

How to Gift? 

We have gorgeous gift cards where you can purchase a specific service for your loved on. They can then contact us after they receive your “Gift of Glam” Gift Certificate and book the service on a date that is convenient for them.

For pricing on any of the above services and to purchase your Gift of Glam– Please contact us directly at  (60514)

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