Spring Makeup Classes!!!

To all my Glammy Girls!

I get tons of emails daily about my makeup classes and after trying time after time to organize these group classes and no one ever having the same availability I have come up with a brand new promotion for my lessons– both group and private that are perfect for your personal availabilty, give you the ability to work at your own pace, and most of all– leave you with a full understanding on how to unleash your inner glamazon yourself!


For the girl looking to learn how to perfect her own makeup routine or learn basic makeup techniques to become an artist.

  • book 12 private lessons (6 SESSIONS all together) 50 per hour—minimum. 2 hour class. = 100 for 2 hours
  • Book 6 private lessons (3 SESSIONS all together) 75 per hour—two hour sessions = 150 two hours
  • Book 2 private lessons (1 lumped SESSION) 100 per hour = 200


***experience required. *** Portfolio approval required

I do NOT provide models

This Class is for the experienced makeup artist who ALREADY is building a portfolio and needs to modernize and refine they’re techniques with all of the latest technologies and tricks in the makeup industry including airbrush makeup. A huge focus on the education of light, whether it be digital video, reel (35mm), or photography and how highly relevant it is to the makeup industry.

TWO three hour classes– 800



2- 3 girl classes

Bring your friends for one three hour cram packed session 100 a piece = 33.3 dollars an hour to learn all the basic techniques on how to create the perfect look. This mini class goes in whatever direction you and the girls choose to take it whether it be learning how to transform your eyes into smokey sex vixons or all have a super natural polished glow this three hour session all of the girls can learn to create their perfect look with comfort and ease

These classes can take place mon-thurs.

Pay per class is fine with meJ

How to book?
Email me at aprisco@theglamfairy.com or call at 862 684 1419 to book you lesson! When you reserve your class Ill give you all the details on what to bring etc.



Hey guys! So I had this idea. I am a super curious person. And makeup is a pretttyyy personal thing. I am always getting dozens of questions over email… especially about the differences between airbrush and regular. ALSO I have just so much fun new stuff going on lately soooooo I thought what a better way to share all the things going on in my pink glittery snowglobe of life than with Webisodes! Check out my new ones at www.youtube.com/theglamfairy and finally meet the girl behind the brush (me …. Glammy) haha