Glam Academy Semester 5: Fall Photoshoot

We are now in the final days of fifth semester of The Glam Academy.  One of the first shoots for the Senior portion of the program focuses on all of the beautiful jewel tones in both fabric and makeup trending whenever the leaves turn crispy and golden.  With eyes having an ombre effect of deep to light bronzes, cheeks “flush” with color isolated on the apples, and deep wine glossy lips– these looks show the students artistic ability to stay relevant to what is trending while still preserving a timeless nature of the composition as a whole.  These photo’s are my favorite of each photoshoot.  Enjoy!

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Fresh Off the Crawlway– McKayla in her Baby Headbands


I recently shot a little web clip for Jerseylicious showing off McKayla in many of her baby headbands!  They wanted some still shots to insert throughout and asked me if I could take a few!  I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test out my photography skills for a subject very much in motion! 



Glam Academy 5 dates are officially out!

With our summer semester completely booked and at capacity in addition to a huge demand for this program– The Glam Academy has now released its fifth semester of dates!

After three extremely successful semesters of transforming people at all different stages of artistry into strong artists and entrepreneur’s we proudly go into our completely booked fourth semester beginning in August!

Our summer semester (now closed) with students coming from all over the east coast has reassured us in our ability to introduce people to their own true capacity.  By showing people that something that once was a dream is something absolutely possible– by giving people the tools to go beyond their own expectations of themselves, by truly fusing the artist and the entrepreneur we KNOW that if people take in all that the Glam Academy has to offer they will be successful business owners that can absolutely control their own destiny.  We can only give you the tools, the vehicle so to speak– your own drive, motivation, and passion is the only thing that can fuel it.

Our sponsorships and affiliations leave the students with an experience unparalleled by any other program– from new models for every look, to photo shoots of every lab personally taken by Alexa showing the true journey of your artistry, to limo rides throughout the city taking students to private demonstrations by the top artists in NYC, education throughout the semester that allows you to leave the Academy with a working business– these are only a few of the many experiences that make the Glam Academy such an incredibly unique take on what transforming a person into a successful makeup artist is.

We put you in the control seat of your future allowing you to not only reach your dreams but go beyond them.

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November 1

November 2

November 3

November 8

November 9


November 23

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November 30

December 1

December 7

December 8


Spring into Summer with The Glam Academy!!!

The fourth semester of the Glam Academy (Hoboken, NJ Makeup School) will be starting this August.  This is after three semester’s of successfully transforming people with either an interest in makeup or makeup artists looking to refine their skills into full blown entrepreneurs!  Each of these artist’s have taken their own independent interests and passions and fused that with their love of makeup– creating lines of services drastically different from one another.  Whether it be a play on language, a specialization in cultural makeup, or catering services to a particular demographic (kids, teenagers, older women)– the Glam Academy students have created businesses that answer WHY someone will come to them instead of someone else!  Each of these students continue to impress me daily by utilizing the full gamut of social media– truly understanding the capacity it has to fuel the exposure of a business.

Please feel free to research these highlighted students and see the incredible stamp they have left on the internet

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The entire shot below was both shot, directed, and stylized by Angelica Alberti from Absolutely Dazzling.

And most importantly– she did the incredible makeup!



7 A.M. Enfant Le Sac Igloo Giveaway!!!

To all my Glammy Mommies!!!

I created a video this past weekend along with sharing a bunch of pictures on Twitter about  all my new goodies from 7A.M. Enfant!  Essentially Danny took me for a day trip to Woodbury Commons to celebrate my birthday and we did NOT want to let the cold weather stop us!!  That said the Le Sac Igloo along with the Warm-muffs and the Barcelona diaper bag made this trip such a joy!!  McKayla was so beyond warm and cozy in her fleece lined baby cocoon that she slept for the entire outdoor bitter cold trip–of course a good ol’ Arctic sting really cant affect you when your in a bed on wheels engulfed in a fluffy warm sac with a fleece blanket that cinches in all the perfect areas for ultimate warmth!  The warm-muffs– which essentially are these awesome fleece lined gloves that attached to your stroller keep moms paws super warm when they need to be and free to tend to your baby in a micro second.  And the Barcelena diaper bag goes without words.  It is designed for moms– literally from the way in which they would layer items in a bag, the priority of the items– nooks, crannies, and key holders– even stroller straps to keep it in a position for easy access…. something I was Macgyvering with my previous diaper bag and two stroller hooks.

Nevertheless– what would a true “fairy” be without being the bearer of good news!!  Both 7 A.M. Enfant and I want your cub to experience this beyond incredible baby bunting sac!!  And also– more mom’s seriously need to know that these incredible products exist!!  I certainly didn’t when I created my baby registry and had I — these products would be the first on my list!!

This week’s giveaway is the grand-daddy give away!!!  The “Le Sac Igloo”

So here is how this Giveaway works!!!

The more attention you bring to yourself by re-tweeting, and generating more followers for 7 A.M. the more likely your baby will be beyond warm this weekend!!!!  Tweet to 7A.M. Enfant yourself and tell them why this is perfect for you!!  It certainly is perfect for me!!!

At the end of the day the squeeky wheel gets the grease!!  Be clever, be creative and let the games begin!!!

This giveaway will run for 7 days!!


Hugs and Kisses,

Glammy Mommy:) (10706)

The Glam Fairy’s Baby Shower!!!

As a person who has never really had an over the top party I wanted my baby shower to be the exception to the rule!  Was I totally shocked when I found out I was pregnant?  Who isn’t??  I mean finding out that you are responsible for another human being is such an overwhelming feeling.  But that fear transformed into an incredible desire for me to educate myself on everything mom related.  And the process of learning about babies, childbirth, and everything you need to take care of them is not an easy one.  Every mom wants to have the safest stroller, the strongest crib, BPA free toys… the list goes on.  That said, registering and finding what products would be best for me was made a great deal easier by the INCREDIBLE people at Buy Buy Baby.  They literally gave me a personal shopper who walked me through the store and explained the difference between every stroller, every high chair and let me know each and every product I would need to make sure I was prepared for my baby!

I digress– the process of registering of course made me realize that I needed to have a baby shower.  But I didn’t want to have the traditional VFW hall, baked ziti heated with a steno can shower… I wanted to have a celebration!  I wanted to have a fun interactive party where guests had cool things to do, interactive stations, games… I wanted it to be gorgeous and elegant but not pretentious!  I wanted fabulous food and delicious desserts without the white gloves.

With this extremely abstract idea in mind I had my assistant/ marketing director Melissa go on the hunt for an event planner that fit the bill.  Well the puzzle piece fit perfectly with Kim Myl from Lulu’s inspirations.  After our first meeting I knew that this would be the baby shower of my dreams!

Kim made this process the polar opposite of what event planning has been for me in the past.  She made it so much fun!  Every day we brainstormed fun, fantastic ways to bring this shower to life… and she embraced all my insane ideas!  I say “Kim I want a laundry line hung across the party with all baby clothes!” and she makes it work!

Becoming a mom is very scary… and the process of making sure you are totally prepared is of course cushioned by the traditional baby shower.  As a person who likes to redefine traditions and customs, I really feel that Kim let me be the co-pilot in navigating what would be the most wonderful magical party I have ever had!  I am very thankful to her for being present during this time in my life and making this process so creative, fun, and fabulous!

Okay so let me tell you about this shower!  We basically wanted to have a whimsical, fun, elegant, dramatic space for guests to just relax and enjoy.  Every time I see a gorgeous party I feel like the guests are in metaphorical wool turtle necks!  Its like they cant relax and have fun or even touch anything!  I wanted to have just as much visual drama as all the gorgeous events you see in magazines without the nose in the air attitude.

Again, I digress.  We had the party in the event space of the building Danny and I live in.  I knew that my friends and family were super excited for Baby McKayla, so I wanted to just be able to put all the gifts in the elevator and not the back of a U-Haul.  The space wasnt easy to work with.  Although it has a gorgeous backdrop of the hudson river and the Manhattan sky line the furniture and decor isnt the easiest to work with.  It has a bar and kitchen which was great for what we needed but the huge pool table and bold patterns in the furniture didn’t help us.  Kim just decided to embrace it and make it work!

We had three gorgeous tables from Valley Tent Rentals with dramatic black linens.  Against the black was a gorgeous black and white damask runner highlighted with an incredible use of mirrors, candles, and rose petals by Karma Flowers.  It truly warmed up the space and created a very loungey NY feel.

One of the biggest hurdles we had was the fact that the room was open to the entrance of my building and I really wanted to create a divided space… with the use of white pipe and drape and gorgeous pink uplighting, Vincent Paul Music and Entertainment created a complete room rather than just an open space.  It also created a super dramatic entrance for guests!  The concierge told me that people were stopping outside asking how we divided the room like that!  You can see the pipe and drape behind me in this picture.

The food was beyond incredible!  I feel like everything was re-invented.  A twist on traditional foods.  The salad was like a sculpture.  I didn’t even know services like this existed by Elegant Affairs basically came in with a chef, a captain, a bartender, and two waiters.  Even though it was a buffet it was the most assisted buffet I have ever seen with tastiest food I have ever had!  The appetizers were in oversized Martini centerpieces … we had grilled pita bread with mediterranean hummus, Crudite Vegtables with Spinach Aioli.  The lunch was Turkey on Mini Croissonts, Parmesan crusted chicken stacks with burrata cheese, garden salad bouquets… the list just goes on and on!  It was incredible! 






And of course what is an incredible mean without an incredible dessert to follow!  One of the biggest hits was  the ice cold shots of pink milk with a donut on the top!  We had gorgeous Alice and Wonderland cupcakes from A Cake Dream that really added the level of whimsy we were looking for.  Cake pops from I Love Cake Pops gave guests a fun treat to go home with!  They were a fabulous pink with chocolate inside!  Mini Buns from Juns Buns in tons of flavors gave guest yet another incredible option for dessert.

One of my favorite parts of the party was the Candy Bar by RSVP to me!  This was such a hit with all my family members who have just as much as a sweet tooth as I do.  An incredible interactive way for guests to have fun and embrace their inner child!  I loved the oversized vintage candy jars with customized labels and fun black damask bags for guests to fill that said “Alexa’s Baby Shower!”

As if all this wasn’t enough– there were super fun customized games for guests!  Scratch offs and crossword puzzles from Inklings Paperie pulled out a competitive edge for my friends and family to win all the fun prizes we had!  Inklings also created custom “Its a girl” tags for our baby pink OPI nail polish favors.  

This was by far the most wonderful amazing party I have ever attended and to be the host of it really makes me proud.  I am very grateful to Kim for making the very first celebration of my daughter coming into this world beyond beautiful.  To me it redefined the word “celebration”– it allowed me to understand just how loved McKayla Olivia Ziegler is.

Thank you to all the incredible vendors that made this party a success!

Planner – Lulu’s Event Design

Caterers – Elegant Affairs

Florist – Karma Flowers

Stationary and Candy Buffet – RSVP to me

Cake Pops – I Love Cake Pops

Cupcakes – A Cake Dream

Mini Buns – Just Buns

Draping and Uplighting – Vincent Paul Music & Entertainment

Tables and Linens – Valley Tent Rentals

Scratch Offs – Inklings Paperie

To see even more fabulous pictures of my Baby Shower please visit
The first album is public.
All my Best!


Summer Glam Academy Official Dates

Hi Dolls!

As most of you know Alexa is teaching the Glam Academy this Summer for the second time. Many of the girls from the first Glam Academy have gone on to start their own successful business as makeup artist and Alexa is giving that same opportunity to another group of girls.

The official dates for this Summer’s Glam Academy is set and the start date is this Friday! There is still a spot available for an individual who wants to learn the secrets to making it in this business, master their artistry and learn how to brand themselves.

Email us immediately to book your spot and get all the details. We can be contacted at- or

Alexa is so excited to meet all of her new students and share he passion! All dates are listed below:


July 27,28 Aug. 3,4,5


Sept. 1,2,8,9,15,16

xoxo Melissa (7393)

Glam Academy Promotion!

This warm weather we’re experiencing might mean a lot of things to you but the one thing I think about is – The Summer Glam Academy. Right now there’s an amazing promotion that you MUST take advantage of immediately.

Book the course today and get 10% off the course and set up a payment plan with Alexa. Or you can find out about a top secret promo we’re having for those who choose to pay the course in full.

On click on Glam Academy and fill out the contact form. All your questions will be answered and you’ll be one step ahead of becoming certified as a professional makeup artist. The Glam Academy is a hands on course, where Alexa lends her expertise and brings out the best of each student. You will leave the course prepared to start your business with an impressive portfolio (shot by Alexa herself). in hand.

So what are you waiting for? Send an email now!

xo Melissa (10177)

Love Tonight’s Episode??

If you loved tonights episode and loved Gretchen’s amazing gown please visit They have gorgeous dresses with just ENOUGH sparkle!  Also to create the amazing look I did for Gretchen’s bridal makeup check out amazing vegan makeup that will give you the pigment and sparkle you need to create a bold glam look!

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