About the Glam Fairy

Like any team of winged creatures the glam fairies are a family. We share the same makeup philosophies and have an incredible passion for making a woman feel beautiful.

Glam Fairies

A2A2 - Alexa's Assistant

Alexa, dubbed "A2" so as not to be confused with Alexa Prisco, is obsessed with her boss. Even though she just graduated from high school and lives over 200 miles away, A2 still makes it to the Glam Factory each day to report for her glam duties as Alexa's assistant. Working for Alexa is high pressure, and although A2 has a lot to learn before she gets her wings, she is confident she will be a flourishing Fairy in no time

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BriellaBriella - Hair Fairy

Briella is a Hair Fairy at the Glam Factory. Even though she has mastered the art of hair, Briella yearns for a more balanced life and is always looking for the next "Zen" thing, whether it's a cool yoga class or a new healing movement. But at her core, Briella is a Jersey girl who attracts conflict like a magnet—and that drives Alexa and the other Glam Fairies crazy.

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GlamoGlamo - Wardrobe Stylist

A fashion image consultant with his own business, he has legally changed his name to Glamo. When Glamo isn't styling his personal clients, he is a runway coach for a modeling agency, where he teaches some of the world's top models how to strut their stuff for fashion week. Glamo feels his skills perfectly complement Alexa's talents and believes he is a great asset to the team but makes it clear he's his own boss—not one of the Fairies.

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JonJon - Client Liaison

Jon and Alexa have been best friends for more than nine years, and Alexa recently hired him to be her "client liaison" at the Glam Factory. Jon's arch-enemy is the Glam Factory's newest fashion consultant, Glamo, whom Jon perceives as competition.

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JessicaJessica - Makeup Fairy

She may seem sweet, but on the inside, Jessica is driven and wants to be seen the most important member of Alexa's team. Give this girl the right eye shadow and she can change the world—or at least Northern New Jersey.

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ShariSharie - Hair Fairy

A mother of two with a husband 10 years her junior, Sharie hates that the young hairstylists today only know how to do one skill well. Sharie is an expert in color, cuts, treatments, extensions and blowouts. Self-assured and wise, Sharie and the young staff at the Glam Fairy don't always see wing-tipped eye to wing-tipped eye.

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The Glam Fairy is a team of 12 makeup and hair artists. Alexa’s artist’s all have been in the industry for at least three years before even entering her intensive and extensive program of fine tuning. She fuses her methodology with their talent—producing a Glam Fairy! This fairy is then ranked based on their training and skill as either an assistant, a glam fairy, a senior artist, a master artist, or a chief makeup artist. The recipe for every fairy is the same-- however the rank is based on how long the dish has been marinating so to speak!

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That being said, our Tiers of Artistry allow us to accommodate any client and price point! From the girl who has saved a little bit of money to surprise her honey with a new sexy look to the diva who wants Alexa to fly half way around the world to do her makeup at a Gala—our price grid and artists match any budget perfectly!

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