SAVE 50% OFF OF YOUR TRIAL WITH ALEXA or 20% off your ENTIRE ‘fairies’ package!!!


SAVE OVER 50% OFF YOUR MAKEUP TRIAL with ALEXA For the month of December if you book a party of three or more the same day as the trial!!!  ORRRR save 20% off your entire wedding day package if you book with one of our fairies the same day as the trial!  OR at client consultation!

CONTRARY to popular Glam Folklore it is the soul purpose of the glam fairy to make all those brides in the land FABULOUS.  And yes our premiume makeup package is primo expensivo… however that does not mean that there are not 12 absolutely FABULOUS Glam Fairies at different tiers of artistry and price point that can meet your every glam need for your fabulous day!!!  Basically our pricing for makeup starts at 50 dollars!!! And I bet you never would have guessed

Even more importantly we now have a fabulous GLAM FACTORY!!!

You can come here!  For your wedding party at a much LESS  expensive price point than an on location wedding and get pampered in a super organized way the morning of your day!

There are SO MANY PACKAGES that we have and although its very easy to look at a price list– our administrative fairies, Alexa, Nicole, Gabby, Jon, and Katya can meet with you at the Glam Factory to go over what packages and options would be perfect for your on your special day.

You could even put the cherry on top of your Glam experience with a Glammy Puss photo session to surprise your man with for the HOLIDAYS!  What a better gift than yourself all sexy for your cutie!

So set up your client consultation and come on down to the factory so you can see ALL that we have to offer!  Located in the Monroe Arts Center in Hoboken NJ with a HUGE parking lot to avoid the Hoboken parking drama– This Factory (that can be entered like the land of oz by appointment only) is a place you definitely should come to!  Meet with our fairies, go over the packages and see what could be in store for you for all of your glamifying needs on your special day.  And this is a client consultation!  FREE OF CHARGE!

Email us at to set up your client consultation TODAY and see what pink path is best for you around fairyland.


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